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Rules & regulation


As per requirement of the University a student of the Degree Course must attend at least 75% of classes held in each subject, for being considered Regular.

Promotion and permission to appear at the University examination are  subject to satisfactory performance in different examinations conducted by the

College, regular attendance at lectures, tutorials, practical’s and fulfillment of other conditions as required by the University.

Discipline :

1. Every Student is expected to conduct himself/herself with dignity and maintain necessary decorum and decency in respect of dress and behavior. Due respect is to be paid not only to the teachers and staff of the College but also to the fellow students.

2. Students are to maintain Silence in the Library.

3. Students must be in their respective classes when the bell rings at the beginning of each class. They must not leave or enter the class without prior permission of the teacher concerned.

4. College property must be handled with care and respect.

5. Students must not write anything on the College walls, blackboard or the benches.


Schedule for Class Tests of Part (I+II+III) Honours Subject :

1  phase : To be completed before Puja vacation in every academic year (40% st of the syllabus).

2  phase : To be completed during the 2  fortnight of December in every  academic year (25% of the syllabus)

3  phase : To be completed during the 2  fortnight of March in every academic year (35% of the syllabus)

Schedule for pre-Test examination : Part I, II, III month of December in every academic year.

Schedule for Test Examination of General Subject :

Part-I : 2  fortnight of March in every academic year, nd

Part-II : 2  fortnight of February in every academic year, nd

Part-III : 2  fortnight of February in every academic year. nd


Note : The Schedules for Test Exam. is subject to K.U. guideline, which may change

from time to time.

Objective of the college


Hazi A.K Khan College (established in 2008) is the fulfillment of a long cherished desire of the philanthropic and education aspiring people of Hariharpara and its adjoining areas. Hariharpara area lies near to Berhampore, the district headquarter but furthest from the illumination of modern education. The area predominantly inhabited by Muslim minority and other marginal people. The advanced educative part of the people marched in the way towards establishing a College of their own by forming a society named ‘Hariharpara Unnayan Bikash ‘O’ Shiksha Prasar Samity’. After so many turmoiling chapter, the College was sanctioned by the Government of West Bengal and was affiliated to the University of Kalyani. The College has been named after the name of Late Hazi Abdul Kader Khan, the doner of the land of this College unfortunately he could not see this College in his life time. But his unfulfilled dream has come to reality and the Hazi A.K Khan College started functioning since 8th September, 2008 being housed temporarily at the premises of Hariharpara High School. The College is now functioning at its own building. Though contribution of innumerable number of doner of the area is no less significant, the College building has been possible out of generous grant from the MLA Local Area Development Fund of Mr. Insar Ali Biswas, MLA, Hariharpara. We expect similar grant from the M.P in future.





Hariharpara * Murshidabad * West Bengal
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