Department of Bengali

1.Pulokes Mandal, M.A.B.Ed,NET(J.R.F) (Assistant Professor)

2.Dr.Nanigopal Malo, M.A.,B.Ed,NET, Ph.D (Assistant Professor)

3. Dr. Irin Parvin, M.A.,Ph.D (Part-time Teacher-Govt. Approved)

4. Injamamul Haque, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of English

1.Samim Aktar Molla,M.A., M.Phil (Assistant Professor)

2.Bidisha Munshi, M.A. (Assistant Professor)

3.Ashek Alahi, M.A. (Guest Lecturer) 

4. Md. Sujauddin Saikh, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of History:

1. Piyali Dan, M.A. (Assistant Professor).

2. Dr. Chandrani Pal, M.A. in History and Museology,             Ph.D(Assistant  Professor)

3. Aniket Sarkar, M.A. (Part-time Teacher-Govt. Approved) 

2. Badsa Khan, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

3. Kishor Sarkar, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Education:

1. Dr. Krishnendu Munsi, M.A.(English, Education) Ph.D                (Education) (Assistant Professor)

2. Shrabanti Sarkar, M.A. (Education,History), M.Phil (Assistant     Professor)

3. Md. Faruk Sk, M.A. (Part-time Teacher-Govt Approved)

4. Md. Ismail Hoque, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

5. Mithun Saikh, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Philosophy:

1. Munmun Dutta, M.A., M.Phil.(Assistant Professor)

2. Md. Selim Hoque, M.A.(Part-time Teacher-Govt Approved)

Department of Political Science:

1. Eerany Khatun,M.A. (Guest Teacher)

2. Safail Hossain Shaikh,M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Physical Education :

1. Sanjit Kumar Roy M.A. (Physical Education). (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Environmental Studies:

1. Mahamaya Ghosh,M.A.(Guest Lecturer)

Department of Sanskrit  :

1 Shampa Biswas,M.A. (Guest Lecturer)

Department of Arabic:

1. Md. Rezaul Karim Khan,M.A.(Guest Lecturer)

Department of Geography:

1.Koushik Barick, M.A. (Guest Lecturer)


Library Staff

1.Kismot  Sk.(Librarian)(Casual)

2.Rafikul Khan(Library Peon)(Casual)